Mcnett  silnet silcone Fabric Repair,28 g

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Marca: McNett


  • Sellos en una sola aplicación
  • No se ve afectado por el calor o frío extremo
  • Uno sellos tubo costuras críticas en un 2-persona carpa promedio

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Detalles: Your ultralight shelter is only as good as its seams. If you own a sil-nylon tent, SilNet is a must-have (unless you like sleeping in puddles). That's because Sil-nylon tents aren't sealed at the factory. Stay dry! Use SilNet to seal the seams on your silicone-treated tent, tarp, backpack and rainwear. Use it to repair pinholes, too. Specially formulated for sealing seams on tents and other outdoor products constructed or coated with silicone, such as silicone treated nylon. Silnet may also be used as an in-field repair material for moderate rips, tears and areas of abrasion. Seals in one application Unaffected by extreme heat or cold One tube seals critical seams on an average 2-person tent Sil NetTM - is our silicone-based seam sealer for all silicone treated fabrics. When applied to seams it will 'self-level' creating a smooth sealed seam. Sil Net is the best product to use to create good looking sealed seams on sil nylon tents, tarps and other items. Sil Net has only modest repair adhesive qualities (OK for pinholes). Sil Net won't bond properly to non-siliconized fabrics.

Dimensiones del paquete: 7.9 x 4.4 x 2.0 inches